Shellie Lynn

Mindful Parenting

Top 10 Ways to Lead Children by Example

Good parents know they need to lead by example.  When your actions are aligned with what you say, you become a person your children want to follow. When you say one thing but do another, you lose trust, a critical element of effective parenting. Ten Ways to Lead Your Children by Example Take responsibility. When you make…

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A Celebration of Motherhood

Happy Mother’s Day to all Moms, Moms-to-Be, and Praying-to-Become Moms.   A MOTHER IS SHE WHO CAN TAKE THE PLACE OF ALL OTHERS BUT WHOSE PLACE NO ONE ELSE CAN TAKE Let’s face it.  Raising a family in today’s chaotic world is really hard.  Most of us are over-worked, over-scheduled, over-stressed and over-tired.  We have…

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Celebrations and Tragedy

This time of year is a time of celebration for so many of us. This sweet little girl is celebrating her second birthday.  She was a VERY unexpected gift to our family.  We have learned so much from her. You know the saying, “Enjoy every minute because they grow up so fast”.  I have finally…

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Your Choices Matter

Have you ever been in an uninspired funk?  I have!  Working, raising a family, working on my own health issues, building an online coaching business… it can get overwhelming!  I’ve had to do a lot of reflection to figure out where I want to go, and how I want to get there.  The only way…

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We Will Never Forget

In remembrance of the tragedies that took place on September 11, 2001. Like most of you, I remember like it was yesterday. I was working at a hospital about an hour north of where we lived and my husband (then fiancee) was working about 30 minutes south of where we lived. I felt like we…

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Why I Became a Health Coach

I have a meaningful and fulfilling career.  I work in a neonatal intensive care unit helping to maximize the developmental outcomes of premature and fragile newborn babies.  I support families during what is probably the most intense and stressful time of their lives.  This work stretches me intellectually and emotionally.  It is truly rewarding and…

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