6 Herb Infused Detox Water Recipes

Infused Detox Water Recipes


Why Use Herb Infused Waters for Weight Loss

Herbs have been used for thousands of years for healing.  Many herbs are considered superfoods because they are loaded with vitamins, minerals, disease-fighting phytochemicals, and anti-oxidants.  The compounds in herbs have powerful detoxification abilities.  In this article, you will learn how to combine your favorite herbs, fruits, and vegetables to create delicious, nutritious infused detox water recipes.

Toxins accumulate in fat cells, contributing to extra body fat.  When stored toxins are released, fat cells will shrink.

Oxidation contributes to inflammation, toxicity, disease, and obesity.  Simply put, anti-oxidants stop oxidation.


How to Make Infused Water

Infused waters are a fun and healthy way to consume more vitamins and minerals while hydrating your body at the same time.


Start With A Good Container

You need to start with a good container for your infused water.  If you’re making a large quantity, use a glass pitcher.  Or you can make individual portions by using infused water bottles.  You should avoid using plastic when you can.  Plastic can leach toxic chemicals into your water.  The point here is to help our bodies detoxify, not to ingest more toxins.  You can use any container you’d like, really.  Mason jars work in a pinch.

Presentation is important.  You’ll be more willing to consume something that is more visually appealing.  Choose a pretty container and use it.  Take your healing detox drink to the next level with a beautiful, crystal infused glass water bottle.


Choose Your Ingredients

Like with all fruits, vegetables, and herbs, choose organic when you can.  Organic produce has more nutrients and obviously fewer toxins.  Be sure to wash your produce, whether it’s organic or not.  Pick any selection of herbs, fruits, and vegetables that sound good to you.  Keep reading for some ideas.


Put Them In The Water And Wait

This is the fun part.  Put your chosen ingredients into your pretty container, add clean, filtered water, and close the lid.  Now you have to wait.  It will take time for the produce to release its flavors and beneficial compounds into the water.  Give it at least 3 hours, and longer if possible.  Keep it in the refrigerator to keep it cool and fresh.


Infused Detox Water

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Herb-Infused Detox Water Recipes

Human beings have been using herbs for thousands of years for their medicinal and healing properties.  Because Mother Nature is so clever, she made her medicines taste good too.  Herbs add tons of flavor to dishes of all kinds.

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Watermelon Infused Detox Water


Watermelon Basil

Watermelons and all other melons are considered the “keys to the palace of health” by the Medical Medium in Life Changing Foods.  They are very high in enzymes, electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals.  They are also very detoxifying and alkalizing which is important because an overly acidic environment is dangerous to the body.  You can use fresh or frozen watermelon.

Basil is a powerful antioxidant and antimicrobial herb.  Use freshly picked basil when possible.  Be sure to wash it first.

For an extra kick of flavor and powerful healing properties, try adding a drop of pure basil essential oil.  Be sure to avoid using plastic or styrofoam when using essential oils in your water.

Basil essential oil is high in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties.  It supports digestion and detoxification.

Learn more about the internal benefits of essential oils with this free ebook.

If you don’t have basil, or you don’t like its flavor, use mint instead.  See below for the health benefits of mint.

Another combination you can try is watermelon, cucumber, lime, and mint.


Cucumber Mint Infused Detox Water

Cucumber Mint

Cucumbers have a mild flavor and tons of healing and cleansing properties.  They are hydrating and very effective in reducing bloating.  They support kidney and liver health and are strong detoxifiers.  They help your liver purge heavy metals and pesticides that have accumulated for years.

Cucumbers are high in vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids, and chlorophyll.

Choose organic when you can.  If you don’t have organic cucumbers, peel them before putting them in your water.  The skin holds onto the pesticides and waxes and will release the toxic chemicals into your water.

Mint has tons of health benefits and has long been used to treat stomach issues and respiratory problems.  It is a well known digestive tonic and can help relieve bloating.  It also increases energy and can relieve headaches.

For an extra kick, add a few drops of pure peppermint essential oil.

Peppermint essential oil has anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, invigorating, cooling, expectorant, and stimulating properties.  It can increase alertness, reduce cravings, relieve allergy symptoms, relieve head tension, improve bad breath and support digestion.

Be sure to only use essential oils safe for ingestion and avoid plastic or styrofoam containers.

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Blueberry Lavender Infused Detox Water


Blueberry Lavender

Wild blueberries are considered the world’s most powerful food by the Medical Medium in Life Changing Foods.  Blueberries are well known to be high in antioxidants.  They are super powerful in detoxifying heavy metals, pesticides, and most other toxins.  Wild blueberries support brain, liver, and digestive health.

Lavender is a beautiful herb that is calming and health-promoting.  It is well known for its skin healing properties, and it has also been used to treat sleep disorders, depression, and headaches, to name just a few.

Try adding a few drops of pure lavender essential oil to your infused water.  Lavender has antihistamine, hypotensive, relaxing, antibacterial and regenerative properites.  It supports digestive, nervous system, skin, circulatory and emotional health.

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Blackberry Sage Infused Detox Water

Blackberry Sage

Blackberries, like most berries, are very high in antioxidants.  They are also high in enzymes, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals.  Berries support brain, heart, and reproductive health.

Sage is well known for its positive effects on digestion and appetite, as well as depression. It quickly soothes the stomach to reduce bloating and is commonly used as a remedy for diarrhea.


Strawberry Ginger Infused Detox Water

Strawberry Ginger

Strawberries, like all berries mentioned above, have tons of health benefits.  They also have a great flavor.  Strawberries are heavily sprayed with pesticides, so organic is your best choice.  If strawberries aren’t in season, you can use frozen strawberries.

Ginger has powerful health benefits, and it has a strong flavor.  Start off with a small amount and add more if desired.  Ginger is the ultimate spasmodic and stomach soother.  It is high in minerals, antioxidants, and enzymes.  It is antiviral, antibacterial, and antiparasitic, promoting a healthy immune system.

For a powerful dose of medicinal properties, add a few drops of pure ginger essential oil.  It supports digestive, brain, and immune health.


Celery Tomato Basil Infused Detox Water


Tomato Celery Basil

For a more savory drink, try tomato, celery, and basil.   Use organic when able, especially with celery as it is often on the dirty dozen list.

Celery is one of the most powerful anti-inflammatory and detoxifying foods.  It is also very alkalizing to the gut.  It is high in trace minerals, enzymes, and electrolytes.

Tomatoes are well known for their antioxidants, specifically lycopene.  They also have a pleasing flavor.  You may want to squeeze the seeds out of the tomato wedges before adding them to your water.

See above for the health benefits of basil.

For more healing properties, consider adding a few drops of essential oils.  You can add basil essential oil (see above for benefits) or celery seed essential oil.

Celery seed essential oil has a strong flavor, so use with caution.  But it also has very strong healing and detoxification benefits.  It has diuretic, detoxifying, and digestive properties.  It is a strong blood and liver detoxifier, and it supports healthy blood pressure.


Final Thoughts and Further Reading

It’s no secret proper hydration is critical to good health.  Drinking pure water can get boring for some.  By adding combinations of fruits, vegetables, and herbs, you add flavor as well as healing and detoxification properties to your water.

Use the above suggestions to spark your imagination.  There are no rules here!  Pick the flavors you like and try them out.

We live in a world where toxins are overabundant.  Our bodies were designed to naturally detoxify, but we can’t keep up with the demand anymore.  We need to support our bodies and our detoxification pathways.  Drinking infused waters will help.

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When I first started on my healing journey, I was blown away by the healing benefits of food!  Something as simple as the food on my fork had the power to heal my body or make it sicker.  I felt so empowered when I learned I could change so much about my physical, mental, and emotional health just by eating whole foods.

For more information about the simple healing benefits of food, download my free guide, Natural Healing Powers of Food.


Natural Healing Powers of Food Ebook



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