6 Ways to Increase Productivity When Working From Home

6 Ways to Increase Productivity When Working From Home

Maybe you’ve always worked from home, maybe it’s your new norm.  Maybe you have kids unexpectedly at home, maybe you don’t.  Maybe you’re homeschooling your kids while working a full-time job from home.  Maybe you’re all of a sudden isolated in your home and you’re desperately missing social connection.  Whatever the case may be, you may find it difficult to focus and to be productive.  Keep reading to discover six simple ways to increase productivity when working from home.

Self Care for Increased Productivity

If you want to be effective at anything, you need to start with basic self-care.  If you’re not taking good care of yourself, you won’t have any energy left to be productive.

If you’re using all your energy for your kids and your work and leaving nothing for you, you will eventually break down.  You will weaken your immune system and your natural defenses.  You will be more likely to get sick.

Basic rules of self-care:

  • Get plenty of sleep.
  • Eat a nutritious diet.
  • Exercise or move your body every day.
  • Rest your mind by journaling, meditation or yoga.

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self care for increased productivity

Clean and Declutter Your Workspace for Improved Productivity

If you are unexpectedly spending more time at home, use some of your extra time to clean and declutter your space.  Clutter is very stress-inducing.

You’re going to find it hard to stay productive if your workspace is cluttered. So, before you start, take time to clean up the area where you’ll be working.

Get rid of any clutter and organize the space. The cleaner and tidier the space is, the easier you’ll find it to focus on your work.

This is also a good time for you and your kids to clean up their homework area.  They will be so much more focused and relaxed in a clean space.

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Take Breaks Outdoors to Enhance Productivity

Suddenly being cooped up in the house all day can be detrimental to productivity.  Being cooped up in the house can sabotage your mood and your productivity.

Take regular breaks and get outside to boost your mood, energy, and productivity. All you need is 10-15 minutes of gardening or reading a book outdoors to help refresh productivity levels.

Even better than strolling around your yard, go for a walk.  Walking gets your blood pumping, your energy flowing and your mind cleared.  Walking is one of the best ways to increase energy, relieve stress and improve productivity.  Getting outside will also expose you to fresh air and sunshine, Mother Nature’s most potent healers.

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Get Prepared to be Productive

If working at home is new for you, your routines are off.  Your organization is off.  Your normal way of doing things is off.

Get yourself organized.  Establish some new routines.  Need some motivation to get yourself organized?  Treat yourself to a new pretty planner.

If working in your pajamas works for you, do it.  But you might find yourself more productive if you get dressed for the day.  Figure out what works best for you and establish some productive routines that will put you in the right mindset for work.

Embrace the Power of Nature to Make You More Productive

Plants and flowers are very effective in keeping you motivated.  They brighten up your workspace, calm your mood and cleanse the air.  Houseplants clean up impurities in the air and add more oxygen to the air.  They breathe in the carbon dioxide you exhale and they exhale the oxygen you breathe in.  We have a beautiful, natural symbiotic relationship with plants.  When you’re cooped up inside, you want clean, fresh air around you.

If it makes sense to do so, open your windows.  The fresh air and breeze will do wonders for your energy, creativity, and productivity.

Diffuse Essential Oils for Productivity

Diffusing essential oils releases their powerful plant compounds into the air you breathe.  They clean and purify the air and they help to clean and purify you when you breathe them in.

Essential oils have been well studied and proven to enhance your mood, increase your energy, and increase your focus.

Some diffuser blends to try:

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Staying productive when working at home might not be easy but you can do it.  Taking regular breaks and following the above steps will increase your productivity and improve your health too.


Simple tips to increase productivity at home

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