8 Surprising Health Benefits of Detoxification

health benefits of detoxification



Most people decide to go on a detox because they want to lose weight and feel better.  Your body was beautifully designed by its creator to naturally rid itself of toxins.  But in our modern ways of life, our bodies are overwhelmed by the onslaught of toxins in our environment.  Our detoxification systems are also weakened by stress, poor diet and illness.

Helping your body’s natural detoxification systems by short term, all natural detoxes will help you in ways that go far beyond weight loss and improved physical health.  As toxins start to leave your body, and you start to feel better, you start to make other positive shifts in your life.


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Let’s dig in and discuss the well known and the surprising health benefits of detoxification


  1. Weight Loss

Toxins find their way into fat cells.  Your fat cells collect the toxins to keep them out of your blood stream and to keep you alive.  As the toxins build up in your fat cells, they naturally get bigger.  As you start to release toxins from your fat cells, you will naturally lose weight.

Natural detox programs will focus on proper hydration and consumption of nutrient dense, low calorie foods.  This will help your body to flush toxins and help your body release stored water weight.


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health benefits of detoxification



  1. Increased Energy

When your body isn’t bogged down by excess toxins, you’ll naturally get an energy boost.

You’ll notice more of a sustained energy, unlike the rush and crash you get with sugar and caffeine.

A well-designed detox program will nourish your body with nutrient dense foods, keep you well hydrated so you can easily flush toxins, and support you through the challenging process.

As you release toxins from your body, you will naturally decrease inflammation, which will also help to boost your energy.


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  1. Improved Health of Your Organs

I’m sure you remember from your high school health classes how important your organs are.  Toxins can get lodged in your organs and impede their vital functions.

Your organs are responsible for removing waste and toxins from your body.  Going on a safe, natural detox helps your organs release the stored toxins and restore proper function.

Even healthy organs which are performing at optimal levels can store toxins. Detoxing will remove these unwanted toxins and excess waste products.


health benefits of detoxification



  1. Stronger Immune System

Your immune system plays a key role in keeping you healthy.  It works 24/7 to survey your body and fight off invaders.  It’s like your own personal military system.  When it’s weakened, you become more prone to getting sick.  When it’s dysfunctioning and overactive, it can create autoimmune disorders.

A healthy immune system can protect you from getting cancer.  We all have cancer cells floating around in our bodies to some degree.  Our immune system keeps them in check.  When our immune system is weakened, or over burdened, the cancer cells can start to proliferate and take over.

A healthy immune system also keeps you looking and feeling young.  It’s the ultimate fountain of youth.

Of course, during times of world-wide pandemics, a healthy immune system is your most prized possession.

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A cleanse helps maintain your body’s healthy balance by flushing out toxins and waste products. By consuming fresh, natural foods you will be providing your body the necessary nutrients it needs to keep your immune system functioning at peak levels.

For more tips on how to build a healthy immune system, download my free guide, The Ultimate Guide to Natural Immunity.


Ultimate Guide to Natural Immunity



  1. Elimination of Bad Breath

If your body is overloaded with toxins, your breath will develop an unpleasant odor. A detox, along with proper dental hygiene, will improve your oral health and make your breath smell better. However, your breath may remain unpleasant until all the waste products have been eliminated. It’s also important to remember that if you’re on a low-carb diet, especially if you achieve a state of ketosis, your breath may be adversely affected. This is temporary, and drinking plenty of water will help reduce the problem.

A natural product that will enhance your detoxification and improve your breath is liquid chlorophyl.

Another way to support detoxification and combat bad breath is with oil pulling.


  1. Clearer Skin

Your skin is a direct reflection of your internal health.  If you have any kind of skin issues, your body needs some help with detoxification.

Most skin care products actually increase our toxic load.  Be sure to use all natural skin care products.  After tons of research, wasted money, and trial and error, this is the skin care line I use.

Learn more about natural skin care with this Natural Skin Care Guide.

If you have bags or dark circles under your eyes, you likely have too much toxicity in your body.

You can enhance your detoxification by using saunas to sweat toxins out of your body, exercising to move and sweat toxins out of your body, bentonite clay and mud masks to pull toxins from your skin.

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Natural Skin Care Guide



  1. Improved Mental Clarity

Toxins are also stored in our brains, especially heavy metals.  Remember we already talked about how toxins are stored in fat cells.  Your brain is primarily made up of fat cells.

As you start to release stored toxins, you will ditch the brain fog.  You will start to think more clearly and more sharply.  Problem solving and decision making will become more easy.

If headaches keep you from thinking clearly, you’ll benefit from a detox.  Headaches are also caused by a build up of toxins in your body.

To help enhance detoxification of heavy metals, consider using zeolites.


  1. Increased Intuition

Toxins keep us from reaching our fullest potential.  They cloud our judgement and weaken our intuition.  They keep us confused and close minded.

Toxins, especially fluoride, calcify your pineal gland which is also known as your third eye.  Your third eye is your gateway to your intuition and spiritual network.

When we flush the toxins from our bodies, we literally open ourselves up to a whole new world.

(If your anything like me, you now have a vision of Jasmine and Aladdin floating around on a magic carpet)


health benefits of detoxification



Componets of Good Detox Program

To achieve all the powerful health benefits of detoxification, you need to find a program that is all natural and supportive.

Going through a detox isn’t easy.  Detox symptoms can be really tough and make you want to quit.

A detox isn’t something you find in a box at the health food store.  Supplements can help enhance a detox, but if you’re not changing your diet, exercise habits or mindset, you won’t get very far.

You need a safe, effective, natural detox program that will teach what to eat, how to prepare it, how to move your body, and how to prepare your mind.

Support from a certified health coach during the process will only amplify your results.


To wrap up the health benefits of detoxification, you can expect any or all of the following:


  •             Weight loss
  •             Increased  energy
  •             Improved mood
  •             Stronger immune system
  •             Healthier response to aging
  •             Improved digestion
  •             Healthier skin, hair and nails
  •             Less sick days
  •             Elimination of bad breath and body odors
  •             Enhanced intuition and spirtuality
  •             And so much more


The most important health benefit of detoxification is taking responsibility for your own health.  When you choose to make healthier lifestyle choices, you are taking control of your own health.  You are not relying on someone else to “fix” you.  This is so incredibly empowering.

When you start to take better control of your life, you naturally radiate positive energy that affects those around you.  You’ll likely inspire someone else to make healthier choices.  You’ll create a ripple effect that could change the planet.

Are you ready to start your detox your detox journey and enjoy all the life changing health benefits of detoxification?  Check out my 12 Day Detox.  


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    Toxins helps to loss weight, increases energy, improve health of our organs, make stronger immune system, give clear skin, help to elimination of bad breath and etc.

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