Hi, I'm Shellie!

I’m here to help free you from a lifetime of…

  • processed foods
  • take out foods
  • tap water
  • fat free margarine
  • sugar free cookies
  • diet soft drinks
  • too much wine and margaritas
  • hormone disrupting and cancer causing chemicals in your:
    • clorox
    • windex
    • Mr. Clean
    • laundry detergent
    • fabric softeners
    • dryer sheets
    • soap
    • shampoo
    • lotion
    • deodorant
    • perfume
    • makeup
  • and the mean girl dialog that is running on repeat in your head
Shellie Lynn Health Coach
toxic products health coach

Toxins are making you tired, irritable, itchy, confused, bloated, wrinkled, sick, and fat! 

They are the true cause of the chronic illness epidemic. 

YOU are not to blame for your fatigue, indecisiveness, inability to take action, brain fog, poor memory, and unexplained illness- the toxins are. 

Together, we are going to pack em up and ship em out. 

I’ve spent years learning about health, wellness, nutrition, and natural remedies.  I’ve learned what works and what doesn’t- despite all the hype.  I’ve figured out how to get back on the wagon over and over again. 

I’ve distilled all this information down into practical advice you can use to start transforming your life TODAY.  I keep things simple, light hearted, and FUN. 


How I Got Here

I suffered from acne most of my life.  I hated my reflection in the mirror.  I was desperate and did everything they told me to do.  But things only got worse.  I had to take matters into my own hands.

The night that changed everything for me

There I was, in my 30’s with two young kids.  My husband was out of town and I just got my kids down to bed.  I had a night to myself and could do (almost) anything I wanted! 


As soon as I tucked them in and kissed them good night, I opened up my laptop and typed “natural cures for acne” into the Google bar.  My world was cracked wide open.  Everything I had been taught about health was wrong!  Everything my trusted doctors told me was wrong!

Sitting alone in my lazy boy, I sobbed.  I cried tears of anger, resentment, and frustration.  But I also cried tears of excitement.  I was empowered for the first time in my life to take my health into my own hands. 

I had to know more and went on an epic journey to learn everything I could about what to eat, and how to care for my body the RIGHT way. 

Next, I had to learn how to share this message with other moms so they could learn the truth about what they are feeding their children and putting on their bodies.  I had no choice but to go back to school in my 30’s with two young kids to become a certified health coach. 

It is my honor and privilege to help moms learn the truth about nutrition and natural health so they can raise a generation of strong, bright, healthy, and hopeful children. 

When I’m not helping moms ditch the toxins and fall in love with plant based foods and essential oils, I am helping babies grow, develop, and thrive in the NICU.  Witnessing the babies get sicker and sicker over the years, I had to ask WHY? 

The answer is simple.  It is because of the toxic world we live in. 

We are passing toxins and viruses to our precious babies- our future. 

What I believe...

  • Being healthy doesn’t have to be complicated
  • Real food tastes so much better than packaged food and take out
  • God created plants to protect us
  • It is unhealthy and foolish to be too strict with your diet
  • Everyone has the right to look and feel amazing- without depreciation
  • Reading is the easiest and most effective way to become a better person
  • Self care is so much more than bubble baths and champagne (although I’m not opposed to them!)
  • A quiet, peaceful walk in nature can help you find the answers to most of your problems
  • You can yell too much and still be a good mom
  • You can fall off the wagon 400 times and still get back on
  • You can be addicted to Days of Our Lives and still be a respectful person
  • It’s never too late to start over
  • Essential oils are the most simple, powerful, and effective tools in your natural medicine cabinet
  • Everyone deserves a career that is fulfilling and inspiring.  And leaves room for lots of family time
  • The Ohio State University will always be better than that team up north
  • You can be quiet, shy, introverted, and still swear like a sailor
  • Everyone has the right to question medical authorities and to truly informed consent
  • They say time heals all wounds.  I believe kindness does.

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