34 Unique Ways to Use Bergamot Essential Oil

bergamot plant

Bergamot is not one of the better known essential oils, so you might be wondering what is bergamot essential oil used for?  Keep reading to discover 34 unique ways to use bergamot essential oil. Bergamot is a citrus essential oil cold pressed from the rind of the bergamot fruit.  It has a citrusy, spicy, floral…

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5 Natural Cold and Flu Remedies

natural cold and flu remedies

  It’s that time of year for coughing, congestion, sore throats and runny noses.  Skip the over the counter drugs and use safe, effective natural cold and flu remedies. What better way to ease congestion and soothe a sore throat than a warm, delicious tea filled with healing herbs and essential oils?  Keep reading for…

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7 Best Essential Oils for Bug Bites

Essential oils for bug bites

If you love spending hours outside on warm summer nights but hate waking up to dozens of bug bites the next day, keep reading to discover the best essential oils for bug bites. One of the worst things you can do to avoid bug bites is to slather your skin in toxic, cancer-causing chemicals.  And…

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Health Benefits of Being Outdoors

“In the presence of nature, a wild delight runs through the man, in spite of real sorrows.” –Ralph Waldo Emerson The health benefits of spending time outdoors are numerous.  The more time we spend indoors, the more susceptible we are to illness and disease.  The healing benefits of Mother Nature are profound. Health Benefits of…

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