Vegetable Detox Soup

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Vegetable Detox Soup

When you think of detox recipes, do you think of raw juices and cold salads?  You’ll be happy to know you can also enjoy warm, comforting meals during a detox.  Keep reading to discover a delicious, warm, satisfying vegetable detox soup.

This nourishing soup is full of nutrient-dense vegetables, superfoods, herbs, and spices.  It is also super simple to prepare.

Why Eat Detox Foods?

Clean recipes like the Vegetable Detox Soup help your body to release and eliminate toxins stored deep within your cells.  When you release the toxins from your body, you are giving your body it’s best chance to stay healthy and disease-free.

When you reduce the toxins in your body, your immune system gets stronger.  Your mind gets sharper.  Your skin gets brighter.  Your waist gets smaller.  Your hair gets shinier.  Your eyes see brighter.  Your aches and pains go away.  You feel less stress and anxiety.  And so much more!

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This recipe is from The 12 Day All Natural Detox.

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