Healthy St. Patrick’s Day Recipes

You do not need to be Irish to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

For the whole world is Irish on the Seventeenth o’ March! ~ Thomas Augustine Daly

It is such a fun and cheery day, and it means the Spring Equinox is just a few days away! I appreciate the green colors and shamrock symbols as they truly represent Spring.

What is not to love about the saying, “Kiss me, I’m Irish”? We could all use a few extra kisses these days.

Here are some healthy recipes to help you celebrate this fun day. They will help offset the effects of any indulgence in green beer drinking.

Green vegetable and herbs smoothie with heart of poppy and sesame seeds in jar over rustic wooden background

Green Smoothie

Green Smoothies are an easy, delicious way to pack in some powerful nutrition. This one is loaded with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, enzymes, heart and brain healthy fats, protein and fiber.

1/4 cup filtered water
1/2 cup pineapple juice
1 3/4 cups green grapes
1/4 Bartlett pear, seeded
1/2 avocado, pitted and peeled
1/4 cup chopped broccoli
1/2 cup spinach
1/4 cup ice cubes
Optional: Add 1 scoop of vanilla collagen peptides for additional flavor, vitamins, minerals, protein, and fiber.

Place all ingredients in high-speed blender.
Blend until smooth.

Composition with fresh and marinated cabbage (sauerkraut) in wooden barrel, on wooden table background

Homemade Sauerkraut

Home-made sauerkraut is a traditional food and potent source of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and probiotics. Traditionally fermented foods support digestion and detoxification, and they help the gut heal and regenerate itself.  It seems intimidating, but it’s really easy to make. Most store bought sauerkrauts have been over processed and have lost most of their nutrients. There are some companies who still use traditional methods,  preserving most of the nutrients, but they are much more expensive than making your own.   If you live in the Columbus, OH area, Krazy Kraut can be found in some stores and farmer’s markets. It is the best I’ve ever had, and I do sometimes pay the premium price for it.

1 medium head green cabbage (about 3 pounds)
1 1/2 tablespoons kosher salt
1 tablespoon caraway seeds (optional, for flavor)
3 cloves of crushed garlic (optional)


  1. Clean everything: Make sure your bowl, hands and mason jars are clean and rinsed well.
    Slice the cabbage: Slice into very thin ribbons.
  2. Combine the cabbage and salt: Put the cabbage in a big mixing bowl and sprinkle the salt over top. Begin working the salt into the cabbage by massaging and squeezing the cabbage with your hands. You will get a work out as this will take 5 to 10 minutes. If you’d like to flavor your sauerkraut with caraway seeds or garlic, mix them in now.
  3. Pack the cabbage into a 2-quart mason jar: Really pack down the cabbage with your hands, use your muscles. Pour the remaining liquid into the jar. Place one of the larger outer leaves of the cabbage over the surface of the sliced cabbage. This will help keep the cabbage submerged in its liquid
  4. Cover the jar: Cover the mouth of the mason jar with a cloth and secure it with a rubber band. This allows air to flow in and out of the jar but prevents dust or insects from getting into the jar.
  5. Press the cabbage every few hours: Over the next 24 hours, press down on the cabbage every so often (clean hands). As the cabbage releases its liquid, it will become more limp and compact and the liquid will rise over the top of the cabbage.
  6. Add extra liquid, if needed: If after 24 hours, the liquid has not risen above the cabbage, dissolve 1 teaspoon of salt in 1 cup of water and add enough to submerge the cabbage.
  7. Ferment the cabbage for 3 to 10 days: Keep it out of direct sunlight and at a cool room temperature. Check it often and press it down any cabbage that is floating above the liquid. Start tasting it after 3 days — when you are satisfied, replace the cloth cover with a cap, and refrigerate. While it’s fermenting, you may see bubbles coming through the cabbage, foam on the top, or white scum. These are all signs of a healthy, happy fermentation process. The scum can be skimmed off the top either during fermentation or before refrigerating. If you see any mold, skim it off immediately and make sure your cabbage is fully submerged; don’t eat moldy parts close to the surface, but the rest of the sauerkraut is fine.
  8. Store sauerkraut for several months: Will keep for at least 2 months when refrigerated.

Green Juices

Green juices will especially come in handy the next day if you decide to have some green beer with your healthy green treats ?

Super Spinach Green Juice

Spinach is a leafy green vegetable often referred to as a superfood.  It’s high in iron and can help to keep you from having a major crash in the middle of the day. Spinach is also a great source of calcium. Simply take about a cup of spinach and juice it with a sweet potato and a green apple. This will give you energy and help protect your blood sugar levels as well.

Blood Sugar Helper Green Juice

This powerful juice can help regulate your blood sugar levels.  To make it, juice a bitter melon, a romaine lettuce heart, a large apple, half a lime, and a cucumber together.

Bedtime Green Juice

If you have trouble sleeping this might be a perfect recipe for you. Romaine lettuce is full of vitamins and minerals. More importantly, lactucarium, the sap of the lettuce, has a relaxing effect on the body and will help you get better sleep. Just take about 2 celery stalks, 3 romaine hearts, half of a lemon, and a large apple. Juice the vegetables, and you’ll be off to sleepy land in no time at all.

Have fun on St. Patrick’s Day and keep it healthy ?

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  1. Cheryl on March 17, 2016 at 7:10 pm

    Awesome share! Gonna try the cabbage recipe!

    • on March 18, 2016 at 2:54 pm

      Thank you, Cheryl. Let me know how it comes out. I messed up the first time I tried it. It was a yucky, salty mess. But the second time, it was much better.

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