Nine Amazing Ways an Apple a Day Will Keep the Doctor Away

9 Ways an Apple a Day Will Keep the Doctor Away


Do you believe eating healthy is complicated and expensive?  It can be if you allow it.  Or it can be as easy as grabbing an apple for a quick snack.  Apples are easy to find, inexpensive and in season.  Can something as simple as eating one crisp, juicy and delicious apple each day really keep the doctor away?  Keep reading to find out different ways an apple a day will keep the doctor away, including protecting against cancer, assisting in weight loss, decreasing the risk of asthma, supporting heart health, and supporting healthy blood sugar levels.

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Apple Picking


Do you and your family go apple picking in the fall?  It is a fun way to get outside and enjoy the harvest.  It is truly special to witness the pride and joy in little ones as they pick the perfect apple and immediately sink their teeth into its juicy flesh (even for neurotic moms like me who wash every piece of produce they touch).

Apple picking is so much fun, you may end up with more apples than you know what to do with. Keep reading for lots of fun ideas.

Tips on How to Store and Prepare Apples


To start with, store your apples the right way.  Apples will store well in the refrigerator for 3-4 months if kept in a plastic bag.  Some varieties can last even longer.  Be sure to remove any bruised or damaged apples as they emit more ethylene gas that can accelerate spoiling.


Easy Ways to Prepare and Enjoy Apples

  • Grab an apple and it eat it whole for a quick and delicious snack.
  • Dip apple slices in peanut or almond butter.
  • For a special treat, make homemade caramel sauce.  Substitute brown sugar with coconut sugar and use organic grass fed milk and butter to make this a nutrient-dense treat.
  • Pair apple slices with your favorite organic cheese.
  • Add chopped apples to yogurt and salads.
  • Add chopped apples and cinnamon to waffles.
  • Make an apple pie.  Apples and cinnamon promote healthy blood sugar levels.
  • Make apple crisp.
  • Make apple butter.  Easy, healthy, delicious and will make your house smell amazing while cooking.
  • Make apple oatmeal cookies.
  • Make apple chips.
  • Make apple and almond butter overnight oats.
  • Make a detoxifying juice blend of apple, lemon and ginger.
  • Take one in for the teacher.  Kids love giving gifts to their teachers.  Make it a healthy gift and don’t let this old tradition die out.  Giving a teacher a healthy snack will likely improve their energy and spirit, which will lead to a better learning experience for your child.
  • Make Apple and Coconut Quinoa for a healthy and nutritious breakfast.
  • For more ideas, check out The Apple Cookbook


Apples Will Keep the Doctor Away

Why You Should Indulge in Apples to Stay Healthy and Keep the Doctor Away

Nature’s Medicine

Mother Nature produces the foods we need when we need them.  After a long, hot summer your body needs to cool down and prepare for winter.  Seasonal produce that is abundant at the change of seasons helps your body to detoxify and prepare for the next season.  Apples have astringent and cooling properties.  They are full of fiber, polyphenols, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

Per Dr. John Douillard, “The body’s natural way of dispersing heat out of the body is a purgation, which is the promotion of loose stools. This is why a fever is often followed by diarrhea. Eating enough apples from August through October to just slightly loosen the stools can be a therapeutic dose.”

Per the Medical Medium in Life-Changing Foods, you should never underestimate the power of an apple.  They have potent compounds that calm inflammation, support brain and gut health, promote weight loss and detoxification, repair damaged skin, regulate blood sugar, and cleanse the colon.

Health Benefits of Apples

Research studies have demonstrated the following health benefits of apples:

  • Regular apple consumption may contribute to a lower risk of mortality. (1)
  • Consumption of apples is associated with a reduced risk of cancer in different anatomical sites. (2)
  • There is a potential relationship between regular daily apple consumption and better sexuality in young women. (3)
  • High consumption of apples and tomatoes suggests protection against several forms of cancer, mainly digestive tract cancers. High intakes of fibers, flavonoids and proanthocyanidins were inversely related to various forms of cancer. (4)
  • Greater consumption of apple, banana, and grapes during adolescence and oranges and kale during early adulthood was significantly associated with a reduced risk of breast cancer. (5)
  • There is a consistent inverse association between apples and the risk of various cancers. (6)
  • Intake of fruits may contribute to weight loss. (7)
  • Apple juice can effectively prevent the progress of atherosclerosis. This is likely due to the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects of apple juice. (8)
  • Research has shown that apples have numerous phytonutrients that support healthy blood sugar levels.(9)

Choose Organic Apples

Budget your grocery dollars to purchase organic as much as possible.  If you pick and choose when to buy organic, be sure to choose organic apples.  Because they are heavily sprayed with pesticides, they are on the dirty dozen list year after year.  You will greatly impact your health and the environment by choosing organic.

Simplify Your Life

Busy Moms tend to overcomplicate things.  I can say this with confidence because I have been there!  Do you see yourself in any of the following situations?

  • Reading every single ingredient list, making grocery shopping with young ones nearly impossible.
  • Making complicated recipes with expensive and hard to find ingredients only to have your family wince in disgust.
  • Eliminating several food groups from your diet and feeling like your food choices are so limited.
  • Going from one extreme to another.  Limiting all processed foods and scrutinizing every single ingredient one day, to donuts, take out pizza and store bought cupcakes with fluorescent icing the next day.
  • Feeling overwhelmed by all the information out there and paralyzed to take action.
  • You know what you should feed your family, but don’t have the time or energy to prepare it.

If this is you, I promise it doesn’t have to be this complicated!  Eating healthy really can be as simple as eating an apple every day.  Do you need more motivation, inspiration, support and accountability?  Join my community of like-minded moms who are raising their families with real food and natural remedies.

On my journey to natural health, I was fascinated by the amazing healing properties of real food.  We have to eat every day, and we have a choice to eat foods that poison our bodies and lead to sickness or we can eat foods that heal our bodies and create vibrant health.  The choice is yours!  It is more motivating to eat healthy foods when you understand exactly how that food is benefitting you.  Learn more about the healing benefits of food in this free download.



Miraculous Healing Benefits of Real Food




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9 Ways an Apple a Day Will Keep the Doctor Away

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