You are here because you are READY.

Ready for a compassionate, trusted guide to help you transform your life.  

You are done with living an over-processed, toxic lifestyle.  


You are ready for…

More energy and motivation even though you’re too tired and overwhelmed to get started.

Authentic self care even though you are always last on the list behind family and work obligations. 

To love the skin you’re in even though you have no clue where to begin and have no support or accountability.

To be the best mom you can be even though you’re tired, overwhelmed, and always fall into the same unproductive patterns.  

To feel confident in providing natural health solutions for your family even though you don’t fully trust in yourself.

You are ready to begin your transformation but not sure where to begin?  Contact me.  I’ll help you find the best program to fit your individual needs.  

7 Days to a Healthier Gut

If you're suffering from any kind of chronic condition, you need to focus on your gut health.  If you're struggling to lose weight or feeling older than you are, your gut needs attention.

PURE Plant Based Program

A 12 week program with personalized guidance to help you transition to a whole foods plant based diet. Feeling good is only a click away.

Cleanse and Detox with Oils

Turn your body into the amazing fat burning, focused, and energized machine it was always meant to be using essential oils and a cleanse program that works!

12 Day Detox

It's time to kick start your weight loss goals and increase your energy with an all natural short term detox. 12 days will go super fast! Ready to get started?

28 Day Spiritual Cleanse

Create positive changes in your mind and body through meditation and spiritual growth over 28 days. Includes guides, downloads and more!

A Lighter Life

This is a 12 week deep dive to change your mindset so you can say good-bye to the things bringing you down. It's time to bring some sparkle back to your life.  

12 Month Health Coaching

Personalized coaching to help you reach your goals in the best way, the right way, with sustainable results. This is a one-on-one coaching program with Shellie. 

Healthy Mom Challenge

Being a mom and being healthy is hard. Learn how to optimize nutrition, fitness, and your mindset in this fun filled, action packed 30 day program.

Employee Wellness Lunch and Learn Sessions

The wellbeing of your employees is a critical factor in your success. Keeping your employees healthy isn’t just good for them; it’s good for the bottom line.